Static Pressure Ports

Our fuselage mounted Static Pressure Ports are engineered to meet or exceed industry specifications to supply ambient static pressure measurements to air data computers, altimeters, airspeed indicators and vertical speed indicators in numerous types of aerospace applications. The Static Pressure Ports’ electrical heating elements prevent ice accretion and water ingestion ensuring the performance of primary flight instruments is not degraded even under the most severe atmospheric conditions.

Features & Benefits

  • FAA-PMA Approved per specific aircraft

  • Electrically heated for anti-icing protection

  • Accuracy up to 600 knots

  • Temperature range -65°C to +70°C

  • RVSM Compliant

  • Ability to customize to your requirements

Product Information

  • Common plating options available: chrome, dull chrome and electroless nickel plating

  • Multiple voltages available: 24V, 28V, 115V

  • Single, Dual and Triple Chamber models available

  • Can be aero-dynamically compensated for your specific application