Stall Warning Transmitter

The Stall Warning Transmitter (SWT) is an Angle of Attack (AoA) Probe fitted with a built in Stall Warning Computer. The SWT provides Local and Normalized AoA signals for indicators, multifunctional displays, and flight control systems. It also provides outputs for audio warnings, stick shakers, and stick pushers at the appropriate time of the flight envelope. It accepts signals from flaps, spoilers, speed brakes, and other control surfaces and uses them to modify the stall warning characteristic curves.

Features & Benefits

  • Angular Range +/-45˚

  • Resolution 0.04˚ or less

  • Calibrated Accuracy +/-0.25˚

  • Speed Range up to 1000kts

  • Mechanical Threshold 80-120kts 0.2˚;>120kts 0.1˚

  • DO160 Environment

  • MIL704 Power

  • BS3G100 Environment

  • BS3G100 Power

  • Outputs

    • Shakers / Pushers

    • Audio Warnings

    • Failure Annunciation

    • Localized and Normal AoA

    • Alpha Rate

    • RS 485 and ARINC 429 to customer’s system requirements

  • Max weight:  3.0 lbs