Pitot Probes

Aerosonic has an extensive portfolio of pitot probes including pitot, pitot static and pitot/angle-of-attack probes designed and in service, meeting the requirements of virtually any type of aerospace application. Our probes are designed to meet or exceed all applicable standards, including SAE AS393, DOD MIL-T-5421B, TSOC-16, AN5813 and BS2G.135. With extensive testing and analysis refined by years of experience, reliability is built into every facet of our product. Our Pitot Probes are designed with rugged heating elements to prevent ice accretion and water ingression for reliable operation in the most adverse environmental conditions. Probes may be configured as stand alone with pneumatic outputs to the Air Data Computer, or they may integrate the computing function and eliminate the pneumatic connection.


Features & Benefits

  • FAA TSO-C16 and Military Approved (TSO-C16a certified probes available)

  • Electrically heated for anti-icing protection

  • Accuracy up to 600 knots

  • Temperature range -65°C to +70°C

  • Industry leading MTBUR

Product Information

  • Common plating options available: chrome, dull chrome and electroless nickel

  • Multiple voltages available: 12V, 24V, 28V, 115V

  • Angle of attack ranges from -20° to 20°

  • Enhanced dual heat zone in the mast and sleeve for anti-icing protection

  • All probes are customizable to customer requirements


  • Chinook CH-47

  • Cessna Citation

  • General Atomics Predator

  • Eurocopter EC135/145

  • Dash-8

  • Bell Helicopter 204/206/407/429/430

  • Boeing Apache

  • Piper Maibu