Pitot-Static Probes

Aerosonic has an extensive portfolio of pitot-static probes, which supply both pitot and static pressures in a single device. Our probes are designed to meet or exceed all applicable standards, including SAE AS393, DOD MIL-T-5421B, TSOC-16, AN5813 and BS2G.135. With extensive testing and analysis refined by years of experience, reliability is built into every facet of our product. Our Pitot-Static Probes are designed with rugged heating elements to prevent ice accretion and water ingression for reliable operation in the most adverse environmental conditions.

Features & Benefits

  • FAA TSO-C16 and Military Approved (TSO-C16a certified probes available)

  • Electrically heated for anti-icing protection

  • Accuracy up to 600 knots

  • Temperature range -65°C to +70°C

  • Industry leading MTBUR

Product Information

  • Common plating options available: chrome, dull chrome and electroless nickel

  • Multiple voltages available: 12V, 24V, 28V, 115V

  • Angle of attack ranges from -20° to 20°

  • All probes can be Aero-dynamically compensated for your application

  • All probes are customizable to customer requirements


  • Pilatus PC-12

  • Bell 212

  • Bell UH-1 Special

  • Cessna Caravan

  • Diamond DA42

  • IAI Heron

  • Quest Kodiak