Mechanical Instruments

While the design and layout of aircraft cockpits has changed over the years, the dynamics of flight have not. Powered only by the air in and around the aircraft, Aerosonic instruments are capable of providing:

• Altitude
• Airspeed
• Rate of Climb
• Cabin Pressure
• Differential Pressure
• Cabin Rate of Change

Our complete line of flight instruments is available on a two or three inch presentation. Each is built to exacting standards. Skilled craftsman assemble each precision mechanism by hand to maintain the quality and reliability that has been our trademark for over 60 years. Relentless quality inspections are conducted throughout the production cycle. The unique flexibility of our production system allows us to respond quickly to a customer’s needs and specifications changes. Finally, each instrument is subjected to a series of rigorous tests. The result is a solid, accurate instrument that keeps the pilot informed and helps to make aviation a safe means of travel.

Features & Benefits

  • Size: 2-inch or 3-inch

  • Case: Round or ATI

  • Color: Black or Gray

  • Various ranges and baroscales

  • Lighting: Blue, White or NVIS

  • Lighting Type: Bezel Tray or Internal Case

  • Voltage: 5 or 28

  • TSO