Integrated Multi-Function Probe

The integrated Multi-Function Probe (IMFP®) provides Angle of Attack (AoA), Indicated Total Pressure (Pt), and Indicated Static Pressure (Ps). It provides AoA by sensing the direction of the local airflow (Local AoA). It has added sensing ports for impact and static like pressure on the rotating sensor probe that are used to calculate Pitot / Static, Airspeed, Mach number, and Altitude. The sensing probe is continually driven to null pressure differential between the upper and lower slots in its forward surface. The angular position of the sensing probe is converted to an electrical output by an angular sensor. The pressure at the center slot of the sensing probe is ported to a highly accurate and stable pressure transducer (Pt). The pressure at the slots is correctable static and is ported to the highly accurate and stable pressure transducer (Ps).

Features & Benefits

  • Angular Range +/- 50˚

  • Resolution 0.04˚ or less

  • Calibrated Accuracy +/-0.36˚

  • Speed Range 1000+kts

  • Mechanical Threshold 80-120kts 0.25˚;>120kts 0.1˚

  • Pressure Data Accuracy .005qc

  • Mach 0.5 to 3

  • MIL704 Electrical

  • MIL810 Environmental

  • Outputs

    • 1553 AoA, Pt, Ps

    • Heater Status

  • Max weight:  3.0 lbs