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Angle of Attack

The Angle of Attack (AoA) Probe provides AoA or Sideslip (SS) by sensing the direction of local airflow. It is mounted on the fuselage with the sensing probe extending through the aircraft fuselage. The sensing probe is continually driven to null pressure differential between the upper and lower slots in its forward surface. These features sense the direction of air stream flow (Local AoA or SS). The angular position of the sensing probe is converted to an electrical output by an angular sensor.

Features & Benefits

  • Angular Range +/-50˚

  • Resolution 0.04˚ or less

  • Calibrated Accuracy +/-0.25˚

  • Speed Range up to 1000kts

  • Mechanical Threshold 80-120kts 0.2˚;>120kts 0.1˚

  • DO160 Environment

  • MIL704 Power

  • BS3G100 Environment

  • BS3G100 Power

  • Outputs

    • Single, multiple and mixed

    • Potentiometers

    • RVDT’s

    • ARINC 429

  • Max weight:  3.0 lbs