Air Data Computers

Aerosonic’s air data computers compute a variety of functions such as Static Pressure, Total Pressure, Calibrated Airspeed, Mach, SAT, TAS, Altitude Rate, Airspeed Rate, and Pressure Ratio – any air data function can be added. In some unique applications, equivalent airspeed is calculated instead of calibrated airspeed. Aerosonic will be glad to work with you in determining the exact computer specifications for your application.

Features & Benefits

  • RVSM or AS8002 Compliant

  • Static Source Error Correction

  • Primary Power 28VDC (<2 watts)

  • Secondary Power 28VDC (<2 watts)

  • Signal Inputs/Outputs:  RS422, RS485 or ARINC 429

  • Weight: 2.00 to .72 lbs.

  • TSO-C106

  • RTCA/DO-178B level B

  • RTCA/DO-160E