Corporate Profile

Aerosonic has been serving the needs of the Aviation industry since 1953. At the core of the company’s products is the capability to measure pressure and convert it to useful information that enables safe aircraft operation. Over the years this expertise has become known as Air Data. Our experience and expertise in Air Data has been the core competency that has enabled us to develop products that meet the ever changing needs of our industry. Increased accuracy and reliability help us do our part to make aviation safer with each new generation of aircraft. From our first mechanical altimeter to multifunction probes to our latest standby display, air data is the heart of each product.  Remaining relevant to new aircraft needs has been a key to our continuous operation for over 50 years

Our number one priority is our customers and the safety of the aircraft they manufacture. Throughout its history Aerosonic has remained committed to producing quality, reliable and affordable products that enhance the safety and efficiency of flight.

Today’s Aerosonic is comprised of over 150 highly talented and dedicated employees that share common goals and values that drive the growth of the company who are focused on continuously building a performance culture in support of our customers and stakeholders. We are a value driven team, seeking every day to add value through the delivery of custom engineered products, excellent customer service, ever improving operational performance, and the development of profitable new business.

We value the people that strengthen our team, as together we support each other to uphold our values.

We have worked together to establish a list of Core Values here at Aerosonic. The 10 Values embody important competencies and behaviors that we expect from each other every day:

  • Commitment – Personal integrity and responsibility
  • Creativity – Learn to get bigger than the problem as we build
  • Customer Focus – Customer perspective and orientation
  • Empowerment – Enable progress through ownership
  • Judgment – Build on principles, develop excellence
  • Leadership – Personal and organizational leadership, integrity
  • Open Communication – Honesty, mutual respect, uncover problems, share openly
  • Passionate – Pride that goes the extra mile in what we do
  • Results Oriented – Anticipate, plan, work with the end in mind; deliver
  • Teamwork  – Teamwork is essential in a multi-disciplinary environment