About Us

Precision. Accuracy. Support.

Aerosonic has supplied precision flight products for commercial, business and military aircraft for over half a century. An industry leader, Aerosonic continues to focus on researching and developing the next generation of high technology aircraft products for global markets.


Timeless design and superior craftsmanship are just a few of the reasons why pilots have relied on Aerosonic Corporation for over fifty years to provide accurate, reliable flight data.

While the design and layout of aircraft cockpits has changed over the years, the dynamics of flight have not. Aerosonic instruments are capable of providing altitude, airspeed, rate of climb, cabin pressure, differential pressure, angle of attack, vertical speed and cabin rate of change powered only by the air in and around the aircraft.

Aerosonic offers customers a global network of products and services in North America, Europe and the Far East. By maintaining design, manufacturing, repair and warranty facilities in major and emerging markets, Aerosonic offers worldwide solutions. Our seamless network allows Aerosonic to provide high levels of continuity, quality and value.

Aerosonic¬†is part of Transdigm’s family of companies.¬†TransDigm Inc., is a leading manufacturer of highly engineered component products for the commercial and military aerospace industries. The Company also has limited sales to a number of related specialized industrial markets, such as mining and marine equipment. Transdigm sells its products primarily to the commercial OEM and aftermarket customers, where its products are found on virtually all types of aircraft, and the company supplies components to all major domestic and international airlines.